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TSA Pre-check has arrived at BGM!!! 

More good news for the passengers at BGM:  TSA is now able to offer some of the TSA Pre-Check conveniences to airline passengers.  Passengers are now able to leave on shoes, light jackets, and headwear while using screening lanes at BGM if their boarding pass indicates that they are Pre-check passengers. 

The airport does not have some of the sophisticated equipment that will allow for laptops and liquids to be left in carry-on bags but being able to leave shoes on will be a big deal to many passengers.

We are seeing about 30% of passengers as Pre-Check right now. 

Additional information about increased security procedures can be found on the Transportation Security Administration website at

TSA video on Youtube

The Greater Binghamton Airport is committed to ensuring a safe, secure travel experience for our passengers. In accordance to Department of Homeland Security directives our facility, as well as all airports in the US, are operating under Security Level High, or “Orange”. Under these enhanced security measures passengers will need to comply with more stringent screening requirements.

To help make your security screening process as smooth as possible, please arrive early enough to allow for the screening process. At least one hour prior to departure is generally adequate. High traffic times will require additional time. These times are generally early morning departures (6:00 AM) and holiday travel periods.

For updated information and tips about Airport Screening Procedures, see the following links: - Security Tips for Air Travelers

Helpful Hints for Holiday Travelers

TSA Travel Tips brochure

Greater Binghamton Airport has worked together with the TSA to devise a customer friendly manner to meet these requirements. In this partnership, the approach has been to implement a program that elevates security to its highest level, while still maintaining the convenience that local travelers have come to expect at the Greater Binghamton Airport.