The Greater Binghamton Airport has international capabilities provided by the US Customs Office. Private, charter, corporate, freight and commercial aircraft with international departures and destinations can receive customs clearances at BGM.

Broome County Customs Rates

Normal customs inspection hours are 9am – 5pm

Aircraft Size
Large JetCustoms inspection for large jet (over 32,000 lbs.)$725
Medium JetCustoms inspection for medium jet (18,001 to 32,000 lbs.)$520
Small JetCustoms inspection for small jet (up to 18,000 lbs.)$415
Twin Engine PistonCustoms inspection for twin engines piston$125
Twin Engine Turbo PropCustoms inspection for twin engines turbo prop and turbine helicopters$225
Single Engine PistonCustoms inspection for single engine piston$65
Single Engine PropellerCustoms inspection for single engine turbo prop$175

Overtime Hourly Rate: $142/Hour

Regulated Garbage per use: $1,600

*An additional processing fee of 15% may be charged for customs entries and activities outside of normal hours and areas.