Greater Binghamton Airport is proud to have such an effective and friendly TSA staff. This team’s goal is to get you through the checkpoint as smoothly as possible. Average wait times at the checkpoint are anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes at most. TSA agents will usually open the checkpoint 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours before the flight.

So plan accordingly and follow these tips that will make your security check a breeze:

Greater Binghamton Airport

Fly with BGM – Flying with us allows you to go through TSA security here and avoid it at your connection Airport! When traveling from another more congested airport, TSA wait times may be longer during peak hours, but flying from BGM will usually allow you to stay on the secured side of the airport when traveling within the US and international without going through TSA security lines again.

Be Prepared! – Make sure your carry-on luggage does not contain objects prohibited for flight. The TSA website outlines all liquid and material requirements. TSA offers some of the TSA Pre-Check conveniences to airline passengers. Passengers are now able to leave on shoes, light jackets, and head-wear while using screening lanes at BGM if their boarding pass indicates that they are Pre-Check Passengers.

Consider Check-in Luggage – This can help you move quickly around the airport and through security without lugging anything around.

Check with your airline for any potential delays or cancellations. Doing this can save a trip to the airport, or going through TSA security too early.